Sunday, May 10, 2009

Under The Shade of a Coolabah Tree......

Well maybe it's nor a coolabah tree ......but I am sure you Australians will soon let me know if it isn't ......
I too loved painting this gorgeous bird ....a wonderful challenge .....thanks Colleen ....


  1. Well didn't you do well!!!!!!! Your painting is almost photo-realistic Wow!!!!!!! I really like how you painted all the stuff on the sand, as you saw I chickened out of that :D

  2. Anne. It is lovely. Not a Coolibah tree. It is a Mangrove tree which are very important trees for those of us who love seafood in Queensland. They are mosquito (not so good) and fish (very good and mud-crab (very big and very delicious) breeding habitats.

  3. Thanks JJ and Colleen it should be called "Under The Shade of a Mangrove Tree" ....doesn't have the same ring to it though .....
    I forgot to say it is 12" X 7" on wood.

  4. You can call it a Coolibah tree if you wish :D Mangrove Jacks (fish) live in the murky shores of the mangrove swamps, so you could call the painting, "Out the back with Jack"

  5. Who cares what you call it? It is a terrific paintign Anne. You have improved by leaps adn bounds, so now I have to get noff my couch and get back to work to catch up to you agian.

    I really like what you did with the water and sand. To be honest, I thought you reposted the photo. Nice work.

  6. Great effort Anne!
    The water looks great, good values. I think you could darken the shadow on the heron a little bit more, I can only see two values, IMO. Well done Anne!


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