Thursday, April 16, 2009

Run Away

I did this in response to the paint challenge in WC Click me #10. It was based on a basket of peppers but I needed to break loose to shake off the blahs and get out of my rut so I went back to my roots as an abstract painter.


  1. Oh, I love your interpretation of that um photo. Yes I think this is exactly what I would have painted too...... rotflol. Way to go Bruce, you got your brushes wet!!! Yeeeeeha!!

    Now you can go paint your pointillism hehehehehehehe.


    mine is only 5" x 7" ;-) It was hard going took me several hours.

  2. To me it's an explosion of primaries! ;)
    As you can see, I don't have a clue about abstracts Bruce, that's my problem...;)

  3. Looks great Bruce ..... a cheery painting ....

  4. You don;t have to know a thing aobut abstracts. Some you like some you don't. If it pulls some emotion out of you, then it is a good one.

    This painting is quite correctly a very impressionistic version of teh pepper basket since the reds and yellows and the green are where they are in the photo but I then went from there.

    Someone on WC said it was geometric which is true since I wanted the big strokes to be up down, left and right with a few streaks at 45 degree angles to show stability.

    Now my wife who only likes realism likes this one. I find for some reason, maybecasue I feel like I have ot follow some rules as stated above, that people who like conservative art like my abstracts. Hmmmm...

    I just threw this in to shake up your senses a bit.

  5. Did you study art at school Bruce? or later in life? Just wondering..

    What size is this painting? Is it on canvas?

  6. Study is a dirty word to someone who barely passed high school and was two courses shy of completing a BSc in physics. I wanted to go into acting but was afraid of starving, so I painted houses for 25 years adn still went bankrupt...but study, uhhh, no...

    I am like most of the painters I know of, self punished, er, I mean taught. But thanks for the implied compliment.


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