Thursday, April 2, 2009

One more. Waratah update for Ree

The Waratah is the New South Wales Floral Emblem. Ree hails from NSW.

Painting is done on canvas 10"x12" Acrylics.


  1. you have been a busy bee today JJ .....lovely favourite ....

  2. Yes I have!! So where are yours?? ;-))

    I enjoyed painting this one to be honest, and I had Ree in my ear the whole time too.. ;-) I luv her..

  3. Love it JJ! The centre reminds of the sunflower you painted which was gorgeous!
    It's a little dark on my monitor though...I can't see the values properly but I'm sure they are there! ;) BTW I luv you too! ;)

  4. I promise the leaves are lighter in person. I am not going to get a better picture as it is dark and gloomy here, has been all day. Raining and blowy.. I haven't even been to the mail box..


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