Thursday, April 9, 2009

It;s that puffin again ..... well actually it's a different one .....

I'm still working on painting a puffin and trying to get it right ....
This one is 6" X 8" acrylic on board


  1. Wow, he has more form and his colour is better..

    His feet are great!!! Love the tendons and "stuff"

    Add a little texture to the rock. I loved the other rock, but maybe not too much as to detract from the bird.

    Is this why you asked me about black? Please try mixing your own and see what you think. Blue and Burnt Sienna. No white.

    I like the feathers, just a hint, not too much.

    Shade under his beak to give it more form.

    Background is super, he is deciding whether to jump in for a swim, or to find his supper.

  2. The black and white I used in this one were black and white gesso and I was just wondering if it was ok to use black gesso instead of black acrylics ..... the gesso has a lovely flow to it .....

  3. You wont know until you try it woman.. :)

  4. Anne, I love this little guy, he's sooo cute!!

    I think the dark area on the chest may need a little more blending as to me it looks a little
    flat IMO...;)


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