Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hippeastrum II

This is a companion painting to the last one I painted. It is a mirror image. They look quite nice hanging together.. Lets hope someone thinks so at the markets too.

10" x 12" canvas and acrylics.


  1. OOOOHH! JJ these are really great...a mirror image, what a great idea...hope they sell, I love botanicals! ;)

  2. Beautiful!!!! could anyone resist buying?

  3. You have a good idea here, JJ and you have done well painting them. But they are boring to me, like specimens. They need some interest. Write the description of the flower in a horizontal, for example. Color the b/g, but the easiest would be to add part of pot running off the edge of the canvas, maybe even off the sides too. You would have to draw and study the shape before painting.

  4. I can see what you mean, yes, but the background is white for a reason in these botanical paintings. It seems the customer likes a white background to go with their colour scheme. This is what Bela was telling me and why he sells 3 paintings st a time.

    I have written the name of the plant on the natives, at the bottom, I really LIKE the idea of writing it horizontal, didn't think of that thanks will do that from now on..

    I will paint some with posts though, as I am getting a little sick of painting bland, I have painted 10 of these so far..


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