Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maori Man his name is.....Rua Kenana

I drew this guy twice. The first one you don't get to see ;-) BUT this one you can give me c&c on please.. If you want to see the reference picture, I will email it to is, it is private. 8"x12"


  1. JJ, I have a long way to go myself with portraits and so I will not give you a C&C. I do like the overall moody expression that comes out though but I wonder if the chin is not a bit too "chiselled". Love the frizzy hair.

    Everyone, the comment about being unqualified to C&C goes for all drawing and painting. I still feel very much a beginner with a good bit of a fair way to go as yet!

  2. Colleen, you don't have to be able to make something to be able to see what is wrong with it. Some of my best critics are people who don't paint or draw.
    JJ you have to soften the edges particularly on a face. his chin should be fading into the blackness, no sharp lines there. his lip is a 3 dimensional thing, and it has a kind of a dimple in the middle, where the natural crease is. you could put a little variation of color there. The side of his face closest to us should be darkest where his hair is, and gradually fading into it.
    Only paint what you see, for example, I sure can't see a light throat; i only see a bit of something very dark, almost as dark as his hair. Paint what you see.

  3. Thanks for the c&c I really needed it. Yes I MUST work on my soft and hard edges more.

    Colleen Mimi is right, anyone can "see" if something is right or wrong with an artwork, it is just experience that helps us know how to correct it..

    Brush up on your portraiture folks. One of the Challenges I have in mind, is painting a self portrait. ;-))


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