Monday, March 23, 2009

Challenge! Add your ideas here!!!!!!!!!!

How about really stretching ourselves, like we did with the self portrait. What else can we think up? Put your thinking caps on.... These challenges should be fun, and something totally out of our comfort zone..

Choose one artist and paint a picture in his/her style







Specific palette

Drawing instead of painting Graphite - pastel - ????

Found objects

Mixed media

Specific medium

Plein Air

Whimsical cats, or animals of any kind.


  1. Who's turn is it now because I have another still life that falls under found objects. You'd hate againn tho since it would be another hard one.

  2. Hard is good, because it is only as hard as we make it. I shall put up the list of whose turns it is so we all know..

  3. Oh and add your ideas here too.

    Did you guys know you can search this blog, by typing in the search at the top of the blog?? Cool hey!

  4. I think the portrait challenge was painful, and since it was, we learned a lot. Face your fears and find out you can do anything.

    I'd like to more portraits, but it may be while before I can participate again. I go for surgery Apr 2 and I hope I can apint again within a few weeks.

  5. ((((HUGS)))) to you Mackb ....I will be thinking of you on Apr 2 ....I go for a mammogram on that day .....

  6. Don't get me confused with your proceedure Anne. that sounds more painfull that what I'm getting. All thoughts andprayers will be greatly appreciated.

  7. You will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers Bruce!

  8. One question JJ...what are found objects?? Are they the ones you lost and I found!!!LOL

  9. Found objects are just that. Things you find.

    Google search for images of found objects.

    From Wikipedia
    A found object, in an artistic sense, indicates the use of an object which has not been designed for an artistic purpose, but which exists for another purpose already. Found objects may exist either as utilitarian, manufactured items, or things (including, at times, dead bodies) which occur in nature. In both cases the objects are discovered by the artist or musician to be capable of being employed in an artistic way, and are designated as "found" to distinguish them from purposely created items used in the art forms.

    "Found object" can also refer to a small object found by chance which, though usually of little monetary value, captures the imagination of the finder and is therefore kept as a keepsake. Perhaps it is a penny or an unusual stone or even a pretty piece of metal. Often found just "on the ground," it is kept as a curiosity or even a good luck charm. They are often associated with a trip or a special memory or an important time in a person's life. The connotations of mystery about where it came from, the feeling that it is a lucky or providential occurrence, and the sense that it is simply a "free gift from the world" or "from nowhere" can add to the sense of wonder or magic surrounding a found object. A "found object" may stand alone or may form the basis for a collection. Some birds similarly use shiny things they find in their nests, and some people deliberately seek out such objects, for example with a metal detector, though some would say deliberately seeking takes away from the random by-chance nature of found objects. In Disney's The Little Mermaid, Ariel sings the song "Part of Your World" inspired by her collection of found objects dropped into the sea.

    So how do we use found objects, we glue them onto our artwork. This is different to mixed media, where we are using different mediums, acrylics/graphite/oil/pastel in the same painting.

  10. How about an impressionistic painting now, and when we get another 6 months of experience do anotehr one.

    As I told JJ before, impressionism is basiclly a series of gesture drawings, using paint, of the objects in the picture. But it takes a firm knowledge of accurate drawing and understaning painting fundamentals before you can simplify in the manner of the great French Impressionists.

  11. A seperate challenge should be portraits in monochrome, ie, B&W and then later one in colour.

    In both suggestions, I think we should (maybe for all challenges) redo them months later to encourage ourselves at how far we have progressed.

    What say you ladies?

  12. I think that is a great idea.. Yes I do!

    We have to follow the list of "turns" for posting the challenges, so when it gets to your turn you should be feeling fighting fit! and you can start the impressionism challenge. You need to write a detailed account of what impressionism is and how we are to go about our painting. Do we all paint the same thing? I think it would be neat if we did, and see how each of us "sees" the same subject impressionism-istically. How is that for a word ;-))

    I like the portrait idea too. I wont do anymore tot he portrait I painted this time. I actually quite like it, except the eyes are comic book eyes. But I will keep it and compare it to the next one I do. Monochrome is the way to go, an excellent learning tool, and then we painting another colour one and we should be pretty darn good at them by then. Mimi and Ree have a head start of course as they both have done portraits before, many times, but that is no matter. We are all here to learn. No-one is ever that good in my book, that they can't learn more, improve more.. :-))


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