Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still Life

This is a still life painting I have done for a thread on Wetcanvas.
8" X 10" acrylic on board
C&C welcome


  1. Looking good Anne, I love the seeds on the strawberries! The highlights look good.

    That kiwi fruit could be a bit furrier, but I have no idea offhand how to go about that. Have a play with textures on scrap paper. Have a look in the watercolour forum for the Texture Classroom by Ona. You can use the same principal with acrylics..

    You rushing it again woman? I can see the unpainted bits between the background and the fruit. You paint that background last?

  2. I did actually paint the background first but then, as usual, but had to change it as I didn't like it .....
    I also find it difficult to get rid of the grid lines .....

  3. I paint over the grid lines with gesso before I start to paint. As I am painting, the lines disappear under the paint. I very rarely grid these days, just draw freehand, but I did grid that Elliot Bay painting. The first time I drew it, I hated it, so gridded it no worries.

    You need to buy a small brush to paint right up the those edges woman, and lightly so it isn't noticeable..

  4. Love the reflective light on the fabric and the apple and squash are very well painted....well done Anne!

  5. What a nice job you did Anne, I love the texture of the strawberries. How did you do it? I tried and failed to get that texture.

    You did a great job on the lighting too but I owuld have added some three-dimensionality to the yellow pepper.

  6. Mackb I could never say how I do any of my paintings as I don't have any particular way of doing them. I just keep putting on layers of paint until it looks something to what I am aiming for ....when it gets close to that I stop ....usually it never gets close to it though ..... that's why I have so many unfinished pieces in my artroom!!


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