Saturday, February 7, 2009

Giants Causeway Stones

Another painting of a local scene. These stones can be found at The Giants Causeway which is about 13 miles from where I live. The Giants Causeway is an extremely popular tourist attraction with over 500000 visitors coming every year from all over the world.
As this is still a WIP any help would be appreciated .....
acrylic on board 8" X 12"


  1. The water is exceptional! I absolutely love the way it fades out in the horizon!! I love the subtle shading from the rocks in the water, it is magical! It could be a smidgeon darker, but that is not important really.

    I really like the rocks, and having seen the Giants causeway in a photograph, I know the colours are pretty much correct. So what I am about to say, is not about how you painted from your reference, but how you can make your reference even better, in paint.

    I think you need to put a little more colour in the rocks, and lighten the sunlit areas more. That would make this painting even more stunning.

    So how do you see colour that isn't there? Look at the photo in your photo-editing program. Bump up the colour saturation, really bump it up, until you can see the colours that are in those rocks. Don't paint them that bright by any means, but subtly add those colours into your painting. Do you get what I mean?

  2. Thanks so much JJ ....I will look forward to trying that later this space!!

  3. Great so far Anne! ;)

    I like the the sea and the blue on top of the foreground rocks, a nice effect

    First of all Anne, you need to establish at the drawing stage, which direction is the light coming from, before you put paint to canvas... ;)

    Keep working the values on the rocks and sea.
    Also the shape of the rocks could be a little more defined too.

    You are doing great Anne and I have noticed a big improvement in your paintings since we first started, so keep at it...;))


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