Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tree Painting

I had painted the most gorgeous tree painting you have ever seen (trust me ....would I tell a lie!!) on this little board 6" X 8" I used a knife and slabbered on the paint and when it was at it's most beautiful state I though ....I can make this even more beautiful .......sadly I was wrong and it ended up a mess I had to take a paper towel to it and I rubbed most of the paint off leaving a lovely dirty greeny/brown colour! So I painted ovet the lovely mud with blue and started again and after 30 mins or so I have this one ......
I am actually quite happy with it ....I was kinda trying to copy JJ's gorgeous painting .... (don't tell her!)
Painted on board with knives and mine is dry ....I used acrylics!


  1. Smarty pants!!!! Mine is still wet lol.

    Anne this painting is awesome. Isn't it fun, just slapping the paint on with the knife. (I played with mine too, and need to paint another one.) I followed TG's advice in the OC forum and used a brush. Poop. ;-(((((

    Get a white mat and put around your painting and frame it. You will love how it is transformed..

    ps I saw that.. ;-) Did you learn anything?

  2. Well done!!! the palette of blues and it a smoky atmosphere (bush fire season here atm);)

  3. Yehaaah!!! Well done Anne!
    looks just great and it also looks like you had fun!

  4. I like the colors just fine. I would like to see what it looks like dry, though.


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