Thursday, January 8, 2009

That Puffin again!

This chappie has been causing me so much stress ......but then he is male so that explains a lot!
I thought I had the background done before I started the puffin but then when I painted the bird the background didn't look right at all. Apparently it's one of the many faults I have when I'm doing a painting. I have been told it so many times that people are now getting fed up pointing it out to me!
So I had to go and try and put in a better background which is very difficult with that b****puffin standing there ......sorry but that's the way I feel about him ..... I have had enough of him for now ..... he goes to the top of my pile of c*** ..... but I just wanted to show him to you first.
You can see why I need JJ's lesson on shadows ....I was only guessing ....and I need a lesson on painting grass too ..... and .....
If I sound like I'm in a bad mood then I am ......


  1. I am sorry you are stressed out painting this little bird, Anne...
    You have done well in tweaking it. The background is good, achieving distance...the grass is good too, as you only need to paint the foreground in. Have you a rigger/liner brush or a fan brush ...they are excellent for foliage/grasses and feathers/fur ;)
    Shadow may need a little more work, think it could be more angular than horizontal as the light source is at the front left-hand side of the painting
    The feather texture is good also, but I'm not sure re the pink it unfinished?
    Also I think his web feet need to be wider and a more brilliant orange colour...
    OK Anne, I'm done!! lol
    Keep on tweaking Anne because he is gorgeous, and I REALLY do like him!! ;)

  2. I like this one too Anne!
    If you are not satisfied with it then, my advice is... to put it away.
    Paint something else, then something else again etc. etc.You will learn more by trying different things (subjects) and the more you paint the better you will be in all aspects. Then, one day, after you have moved on from your "emotional" attachment to this little can bring it out and see if (a) you can accept it as it is or (b) see what you need to do to make it more to your liking.
    Personally, I would accept it as is.It is a charming little study.


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