Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is my painting for yesterday ........unfinished again!
Tonight I will be trying to either finish the dog or the puffin although it will not be a new painting I will be showing tomorrow it will hopefully look better than the first time I showed it!'s hoping anyway!


  1. I am glad you said it was unfinished. To me it looks like you just blocked in the shape, and now have to spend time an modelling it. You are going to aren't you? The gloves are off now woman!! You will start really read the comments and implement them, hey? If you don't understand what I mean, for heavens sake ask. Question? do you know how to blend your paint to make a smooth background of shaded - graduated colour? There are some excellent videos on google, and Expert Village has some pretty good ones for you to look at. Nothing better than actually seeing how it is done, rather than someone trying to tell you in an email.

    How about you get some paper and gesso it, and just practice with backgrounds. Paint 6 backgrounds for a start, just solid colour, say 8"x10". That wallpaper book would be great for this, or cardboard if you have it, but do gesso it first. See if you can get the backgrounds to look smooth, not like you have just swiped here and there. Swiping and dabbing do have their place, but they are a technique in their own right. Start at the beginning, and have patience. With these 6 backgrounds, try 3 solid colour, using plenty of water, and layering to get that smooth effect. don't over paint, use your hair dryer if you have to to dry each layer, or you will just lift the underlying layer and then you will get that splotchy look. Once you have that foundation, then you can add the detail to your background.

    I like the angle you have the violin on, I do enjoy painting of musical instruments, wood wind string and brass. I think it is great you are painting things outside your comfort zone.

  2. Thanks JJ ....I needed that! Did I hear you say somewhere "Who wants a shadow class?" .....well I do!

  3. Sure if you girls want to have a shadow class, why not. WE all participate, we are all relatively experienced, so we can all throw ideas and suggestions. I will ask the others. Sandy should get her pc back soon I hope..

  4. An interesting subject, Anne. I'm not an acrylic artist so I can't give you any input on this ;) I've tried acrylics but it's not my medium... I always go back to watercolour ;)

  5. I think you have done a really good job on the shape of the fiddle. Fiddles, cellos etc are not the easiest things to get looking right.
    The basic colours are looking good too. But you do need to get that fiddle in front of you and half close your eyes to work out where the lightest and darkest tones are.


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