Friday, January 16, 2009

Back update

Not sure if she is getting any better looking ....I have made her head a bit smaller. At least I now know to start off dark with the next one .....


  1. Looking better Anne...the tones are working now!
    Just check the arms... The upper arm looks too short! The elbow should be at about waist level.
    If you stand in front of a mirror you will see that your own elbow is about level with your waist.

  2. I am glad you took Sandy's advice and went with it. This is how you learn, and always remember, it is the painting that is being critiqued, not you personally.. ;-))
    Only other thing I noticed, is that her shoulders look too wide, what do you think Sandy, Ree? I think she is looking much more proportionate, just from that little tweak, oh, of course the arm like Sandy says, yes you are right Sandy. Keep working on it Anne, you are doing great!

  3. Yes I agree JJ, the angle is perpendicular i.e. too square, needs to be more rounded, also the line at the right- hand side of the body from the waist up, need straightening a little.
    It's looking good Anne! ;)

  4. Thanks girls are the best!


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