Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 small oil paintings

I have done very little oil painting and this was a lovely change for me. The paint actually moves for me!! ..... These are both 6" X 8" .....I wanted to try and see if I can get more light and atmosphere coming into my paintings .....
C&C welcome .......


  1. Hey Anne. I am glad you posted these paintings, at least you are painting, I have let the side down today. :-( I had my computer technician here for hours, and by the time he left, I was not in the mood for the studio. My wifi is still not working properly either, and I still have no printer sharing, something to do with HP printers not being compatible with printer sharing. Arrgh.

    Painting with oil is wonderful. I love it, as you have so much more control, than acrylics, which dry far to fast, unless you are using heaps of water/spray bottle/retarder or Atelier Interactives.

    I love the sky in the first one, and I DO like the misty atmosphere. You have blended it nicely. It is a VERY good thing to change your medium, every now and then.

    I am not fussed on the sky in the second painting, I don't find the orange moody, or maybe it is because I hate orange. Probably the latter.
    I do like the palette of the rocks, but I think they need less green, and more values.
    I think those reflections need breaking up more, just a little water colour through them, there need more movement in the water.

    I am interested in what Sandy and Ree say..

  2. Hi Anne, I like the scene you have chosen to paint. The basic composition is good and your colours are well chosen and appropriate to the atmosphere you are painting.
    However,overall (in both paintings) I don't think you have enought tonal contrast.
    When you are painting in oils , you work from your darkest tone (colour) to the lightest (highlights)Watercolour is the opposite...
    There should (IMO) be some strong darks on the near land mass and some more tonal work on the far hills too. The tops of hills, cliffs, rocks need to be light (because they will catch the light)This principle also applies to the water and the sky(although the areas of light /dark variation in the sky and water depend on a number of different factors. I.E. position of the light source.

  3. I like the composition in both paintings Anne.
    Though, I'm a little bother by the foreground rocks in the 2nd painting as IMO they lead out of the painting. They are all in a straight line...try overlapping them slightly might help ;)
    Keep at it Anne, great that you are having a go at oils too;)


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